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I will be having new art soon, so keep an eye out for them~! :gallery:

Every fav, every watch, every comment, and every llama....I greatly appreciate them, and I thank everyone~!! :heart:

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Crystal Daughtrey
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Info about me:
*Been drawing for about 8 or 9 years now
*I am 5 ft 5 in, hope to stay that way >.<
*I am half White and half Peruvian :3
*My natural color is Dark Brown, will be changing colors ever year or so and I have darkish brown eyes
*I'm very shy and nervous until you get to know me, then I'm just weird :3
*I am not emo or gothic, I just love their clothes :3
*I love Japan! ♥
*I am an A7X Fan and a Proud Synner ♥ ♥
*I love cosplaying and I am an Otaku! X3
*I love roleplaying
*I am weird, nerdy, and dorky at times
*I love to draw anime/manga
*I can be very talkative or very quiet
*My signs are: Taurus and the Dog
*I have a fear of the dark...
*I love paranormal and supernatural stuff
*I can not stand spiders!
*I'm a great listener
*I am a gamer girl, kick your ass in Mortal Kombat or COD!! XD
*I love dark chocolate~♥
*Boys misunderstand my kindness and playfulness v.v
*I can be very impatient at times
It's been a while since I've last updated.

Sorry for not getting to you guys fast enough ^^;

I don't really have enough time to reply to all the messages and activities. But I will get to them soon enough.

Just got some quick updates I want to point out.

Well I first want to say that I'm about to start another semester of College this upcoming month on the 25th. I still have to wait until my fafsa gets accepted at the college. I kinda registered it pretty late, so that's my bad that it's taking forever. I'm actually changing my major from Art to Psychology, while still minoring in Art. I've thought about it long and hard on what I want my career to be. I still want to do something that is art related and still very creative. I also want something that I can help others with. I am always there for my friends when they need to just vent out and such. So I decided I kinda want to be an Art Therapist or even a Counselor for young adults (maybe even teenagers).
I know that it will take a long while, and I know that there is a lot of different classes to take to be a Psychology major.
People have been saying that I don't know.
I know the risk.
I know I need patience.
I just need support on this decision.

Currently my GPA is sitting at a 2.38, because I'm an average student. That is what I thought about being in college.
But now that I am changing my major, I need to go into a higher university.
Somewhere out of this god forsaken town of Midland.
I more than likely will be going to either Texas Tech in Lubbock, or West A&M in Canyon / Amarillo.
I have more friends in Amarillo, so I might be going there than Lubbock.
I just need to raise my GPA to be above 2.50.
That being said, my main focus will be on school and my grades.
My goal is to make A's and high B's. Mostly A's though if I can.
My minimum hour goal is 12 hours of classes.

I kinda have a plan in my head, just need to actually go to the college to set everything. I am going to get through this. I have the motivation, now I just need the drive and support to continue on.

I won't be on here at all anymore with school coming up. I'll still be drawing but, unfortunately, will not be uploading anything. Maybe on my tumblr I will, or my facebook page. But on here, nothing.

I'm also thing about getting a different job. I really do love my job, but working practically everyday from 2 pm - 9:30 / 10 pm is not going to go smoothly with me. Especially around my class times. I'm thinking about getting the modeling job again at the college, along with another job maybe. Because working two days out of the week, making 14$ / hour (3 hours total), is pretty good money. But being paid every month, is not. I just don't know. I do also want weekends off, for down time and school work time.

We shall see. Hopefully this all goes well.
I'm going to the college tomorrow morning for sure to get everything changed.
I need to hustle.
Because my goal is to move out of town by the end of the year.
But if I can't, my back up plan is to move out by the end of the next semester.

I believe that is all for now.
Oh wait!
Forgot to say!
My friend, Megan, and I are making a small comic series. Just about our shenanigans that we have together.
It's called "The Adventures of Deanbean and Casbutt". Me being Deanbean, and her being Casbutt.
We have a tumblr page, but there's nothing on there. I need to update it with drawings and stuff.
Hope you guys will enjoy that series, because it's based on our real life conversations.
I even have a quote for myself:
"You cannot enter my room without me putting on the pants!" - Deanbean.
You guys will understand the reference once I draw it out XD

I'm also going to go to the Supernatural Con in Dallas, TX!!!!
Going to get my tickets next paycheck!!
Only 175$, but so worth it~!!!
I'm going to be cosplaying as Dean. Because there's already too many Castiels lol
That's going on in September so I have a lot of time to save up and shit!!
So excited~! Because I'm going with my two awesome Supernatural fan friends, Justine and Megan~! :heart:

Okay that is all.
Hope you guys have a wonderful day / night. :D

~With much love~

  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: Saving People
  • Reading: Hunting Things
  • Watching: The Family Buisness
  • Playing: The Adventures of
  • Eating: Deanbean
  • Drinking: and Casbutt

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