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.:Carry On:. by SomaShiokaze .:Carry On:. by SomaShiokaze
She was surrounded, and she was alone.

There were 5 rogue bandits, circled around her. She had no where else to go or to run.
Miyako, cowered in the middle, still trying to seem like she had strength left to fight back.

She was scared. She didn't want to fight back, but she had to.
The bandits moved in closer, making sure she could not escape them.

"Come here pretty kitty.." one of them mocked, beckoning his sword at her.
"We'll make sure you're taken care of real nicely.." another purred disgustingly, snickering at the way Miyako flinched after he had said that.
"Just go away!" She yelled at them, her knees shaking from fear. "I don't want to hurt you!"

They all laughed at her pathetic attempt to get them away. She felt tears coming up. Her thoughts telling her, "You're dead...You're going to get killed..."

One of the bandits took two steps towards Miyako, a big fellow, he seemed like the leader. Dark, black hair, pulled into a ponytail with some hair strands falling on his face. He had several scars running from his eye down to his collar bone. His arms were wrapped in bandages, from wrist to mid-arm. His sword was pure ebony, and the moonlight glistened on it. He pointed his sword straight at her neck, the point barely touching her fragile skin.

"You are kinda cute", He said licking his lips like a beast ready to eat it's meal, "Too bad you're a pathetic, dirty, fox demon!" And with that, he quickly slit a small cut along her neck.

Miyako gasped and quickly grasped her neck, hoping the cut was not that deep. She let go and looked at her hands, which were covered in blood.

Her eyes went wide, and she began to shake. Not from fear, but it seemed like from anger. Miyako eyes now were glowing red in the night, and her fangs began to grow larger. Claws also emerged out from her nails, very sharp and very long.

"You'll pay for that, scum..." She growled, glaring out at the leader.

He laughed, along with his crew. "And what are you going to do? Scrat-" He was interrupted by Miyako quickly leaping up at him and slashed at his bare chest, leaving three large gashes right above his ribcage.

Everyone was stunned. They froze, just staring out as their leader fell onto his knees, wrapped his arm around the wounds, and let out a terrible, agonizing scream.

"What are you waiting for you fools?!" He yelled out, coughing up blood, "Attack her! Kill her!"

His men were very hesitant, but they soon rushed at Miyako, as she just stood there looking at their leader laying in pain.

"You're dead, fox demon!" One yelled out, swinging his sword full force at Miyako's head.
Just before the steel met contact with her head, there was a flash and where she once was, there was no one there.

The bandits were quickly looking around, scared that she will attack them. "Where did she do?" One asked timidly, trying not to sound frightened. "As hell if I know!" One yelled out, "But once she comes out of hiding, I swear I will- Guuuaahhhh!"

He yelled out in pain as Miyako stabbed through his shoulders. "I'm not the one hiding", She said as she twisted her claws, making the bandit scream from the terrible pain.

"Now, why don't you guys just-" A bandit had creeped up behind her and hit her full force in the back of her head with the hilt of his sword. She collapsed onto the ground, but she wasn't unconscious. Her fangs went back to normal, along with her claws.

"Not so tough now huh?!" said the one who hit her, kicking at her body.
The others joined in and started kicking at her, as she was trying to protect herself.

Miyako started crying, from pain and fear. "Someone...please help me!" She cried out as they continued to pummel her.
"Hah! No one is going to help a lowlife demon like you!" One yelled out, as they all laughed at her cry for help.
"Besides, there's no one else in the woods at this time!"

"Yeah...besides me" Came a voice, growling out from the darkness, sounding hostile and dangerous.
The bandits stopped what they were doing, and peered out into the dark woods. "Wh-who said that?" One asked, afraid to find out the answer.

And without any warning, a tall, dark figure appeared behind him. "Me.." He growled out, tearing out his neck before he even turned around.

The bandit dropped to the ground, gurgling blood as he tried to breath, but instead died within seconds. The rest on the bandits were terrified of this demon, they froze staring at their fallen comrade, with his blood forming into a small pool around him.

The figure was very tall, he was slightly thin, but still very muscular. His hair was long and jet black, and spiked outwards, along with the fur of his long, furry tail, whipping behind him. His left eye glowed in the night, a soft grey glow showing the long scar he has that started from his eyebrow and ended at the bottom of his cheek. He wore a kimono, with only the right sleeve on, as the left sleeved flap through the air. His torso was bandaged up, with the tip of three scars showing. His claws were dripping with blood, but you can tell they were very sharp.

He turned and faced the other remaining bandits. They all took a step back, terrified for what he will do.

Miyako looked up very weakly, and recognized the figure right away. "Rajin..I knew you would come back.." She managed to say, as tears ran down her eyes before she blacked out from the pain.

Rajin knelt down besides her unconscious body, softly caressing her bruised cheek. "Just rest, Miyako..." He stood up again and glared out at the bandits, "And I'll take care of these filthy vermin."

There was blood everywhere, along with the dead bodies of the bandits laying out. Some had torn limbs, some were pinned to the trees by their own swords. It was a true slaughter.

In the middle of a pool of blood, stood Rajin, with barely a pinch of blood on him. He seemed dazed, as if he was in a trance.

He shook out of it, as he heard a small whimper. He looked at Miyako, battered and bruised. Tears still streaming from her eyes.

He knelt down, and gently picked her up, being careful not to cause any more injures to her. He carried her off, away from the scene. Rajin only wish to find some shelter to take care of Miyako's injuries, even though demons heal faster than humans.

Rajin was really being careful with her, he walked at a steady paced, and thankfully they did not run into any more bandits. The night began to darken even more, but he could see clearly out in the dark woods.

Miyako let out another small whimper, and she was muttering something under her breath. Rajin listened closely, being as curious as he was.

"Please...don't leave...please...come back...Kenji..." She cried softly, in her unconscious mind. Miyako was crying for the only person who she ever cared for, and the only friend she ever had before she met Rajin.

Rajin flustered with anger, and tighten his grip on Miyako unintentionally. She let out a small yelp before he loosened back up again. He was angry, but yet he was also sad. He didn't understand any of these feelings that are coming up after she mentioned that name.

"Why...why is she calling out for someone else when I'm right here?!" He thought angrily as he bit down on his lip, causing it to drip blood, "I was the one who saved her again! So why?!" He was shaking with anger, but he was also annoyed to why he didn't understand. He even let out a tear, something he never did before.

They finally found an abandoned shrine. Thankfully too, since it just started to rain. He quickly rushed into, and set Miyako down on a tattered mat that was used for the shrine maidens that once lived here. He sat down beside her, gazing at her bloody face. He began to gently wipe off the blood with a rag he had, showing her pretty face, even though it was still bruised.

Rajin sighed, and just peered out into the rainy night. "Why don't I understand these emotions?" He thought to himself as lightning flash, he looked down at Miyako's sleeping face. He sighed again, this time it sounded much more depressed. "And why do you call for someone else? When I was the one who saved you again...Why don't you understand as well?"

Miyako turned over in her sleep, and smiled sweetly. "Rajin...thank you..." She sighed, still sleeping. Rajin heart skipped a beat. He quickly clenched onto his chest. "What...what was that?!" He asked himself, very confused and frustrated. His heart was beating much faster, his face was a deep rusty red, his hands were shaking.

"Calm down! Calm down!" He concentrated, taking deep breaths. Soon enough, he began to calm down, and he sighed once more. "I just...I just want to understand..." He sighed as another tear rolled out from under his eye.

Whew! That was a long part of the story!
Yes, that was just ONE part. :D
Of course, I'll be editing this when I write the actual story, but this part came out pretty damn good c:

My OCs, Rajin and Miyako ^^
Rajin used to be Kin-Pa, but I renamed him and changed his look. [link]
Miyako looks sorta the same...kinda changed her a bit. [link]

Rajin is based off of my RL friends. So that is why this picture is also a gift to him, well...just because c:

Hope you like it, along with the story :la:

Art/Story/Characters - all mine c:
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