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October 2, 2012
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.:Two of a Kind:. by SomaShiokaze .:Two of a Kind:. by SomaShiokaze
Title sucks I know lD

Well I'm still practicing DP style, but with my own style twisted into it :D Also put how it looks as flat colors and as it looks shaded c:

I actually like how this came out, because it has my own taste. Yet it also has the DP style still there, and it's noticeable. Of course this is my many of cartoon styles.
Because I think I have three for now o.o
I'll have to line them up later XD

Critiques are welcome! I draw for fun, but I'm also here to improve! :la:

Disclaimer: I will be putting these in the art I want criticized the most. But any of my other art is welcomed for critiques :D
Please write in the critic box please :aww:

DP Style (c) B.H.
Art and Crystal - mine
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It's a great piece and it does exhibit some of the "Danny Phantom Style", but there are a few things that could make it MORE Danny Phantom. The number one thing is it needs to be more pointy. I know that sounds stupid, but if you look at how Danny or even Sam is draw they have a lot of sharp edges to them. Another thing that could be improved is the eyebrows. On DP then tend to be thicker and more rectangular. Lastly the shoes could be enlarged slightly, as they are generally longer in the Danny Phantom style. Now don't get me wrong I found nothing wrong with the actual art, just flaws in trying to replicate the style.
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I don't know of the DP styls so I won't be able to comment on that but I would say that this is a nice attempt. I like how the right work has integrated shades and the little hints of 3-D touch (due to the shading actually). the hat also looks like an improvement... well I tink you have darkened the shoes too much in the right ^^; Also I dunno which is supposed to be the final version.

I am assuming that it is unique and that you haven't copied it from somewhere and so I like the fact that the body proportions are quite well kept and for the sketch, they work.

Over all, a fine work. I feel that there COULD be improvement in the lips and nose though. They don't seem to come out that well to me :)
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cute^2 ?
SomaShiokaze Oct 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aha! XD I think it could be cute^2? Maybe?
But nonetheless, thank you! :huggle:
Continue your good work! Gambatte!
Mochi-Chan-x Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, like I promised, I'm going to leave you a nice lengthy comment.

First of all: OH GOD ITS SO CUTE. I really do love your cartoon style. What I like even more is that you're not directly trying to emulate the style portrayed in Danny Phantom, you're also trying to add your own twist to it, which makes it more your own, especially if this is something you want to pursue as a career path in the future. I do like the way you've created this style of cartooning, and as I've said before, this style suits your current level of ability much better than manga/anime (I'm not trying to be mean when I say this, it's just what I think) This style suits your use of bold, saturated colours and thick linework. Overall the anatomy looks fine for a cartoon style, and the pose itself doesn't look at all awkward. The one thing I will pick at though is the way the eyes are seeming to be always looking up. While it suits the cute, shy image in this particular piece, I think its something you'll want to avoid doing all the time.

As a comparison between the two, the flat colour, I think, looks better. As for the shaded one, If you're going to shade your character, with the cartoon style, soft-cell shading just doesn't fit. The shading in this image I think should be cell shaded, so it's more sharp. That would fit in a lot better with the already relatively sharp linework and give the colouring a crisp feel. Looking at the shaded image, it's kind of hard to see that the shading is there at all, because it's so soft. I'll admit, I had trouble, at first, picking the difference between the two images. If you still want to go with soft shading, darken the shade colour to add more contrast to the image (and even if you do cell shade, you have to make sure that the shade contrasts nicely)

...How was that? Like I said, I don't usually critique to this depth unless it's asked of me. Please know that if anything sounded harsh, i really, really, really didn't mean it to be...
SomaShiokaze Oct 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Holy - That is a very long critique! :eager: But I love it! :D
It didn't sound harsh at all dear, I asked for this, you did a great job on it actually :)

1) Thank you so much! :D Aha I tried my best at it, I've been messing with this style for quite some time. Seeing what works and what doesn't. But I can see how you see this suits me with my art level at the moment ^^ (Don't worry, you're not being mean or rude at all, you are entitle to your opinion and saying c: ) I do need to be more varied with my eyes though, because I've notice that they mostly are looking up ^^; I'll be practicing more, and uploading digital sketches with different poses, a long with different people.

2) Yeah, that is what I thought as well. Since most cartoons are flat colored. Aha I'm just too use to soft-cell shading ^^; I need to practice more with cell-shading with my cartoon style. But yeah, seeing it now, it is quite difficult to see that it's shaded. I will keep that in mind for next time ^^

It was perfect! You are great with constructive criticism :D Nothing sounded harsh at all ^^ You were honest and you pointed out what could be fixed and/or improved. And it will help me out a lot :)
Thank you my friend for leaving this great critique! :hug:
Mochi-Chan-x Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I warned you. :P I'm glad you found it useful though...

1) You're very welcome. Yeah, it just suits you so well and its so cuuuuuttteeee. SO cute. Ah yeah, it can be really easy to stick with a particular style and not even realise that it's happening...i do this myself a lot when drawing poses.

2) Some cartoons do also have the cell style, but yeah, mostly flat...I do love soft cell, personally, and it suits what I do, but its a matter of knowing when to use soft style and cell style...often they can be combined together, which sounds weird, but its true. I'll be keeping my eyeballs on your work to see how that goes :9

Well, i'm glad that it was what you were looking for in a critique, as i was concerned that I might not be able to adequately describe what i'm thinking...

haha you're welcome again.
SomaShiokaze Oct 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
1) Aha is it really? I'm glad you find it cute :aww: Yeah, you can't help yourself, then you don't realize until someone says something XD Sometimes my faces look the same, especially the eyes ; 3 ; I need to do a lot of practicing getting everyone's eyes differently...Maybe Semi-realism will help me out on that.

2) Yeah, that is true. Like Teen Titans, Avatar, Ben 10, and all the others, have cell-shading. I love soft cell as well, it looks nice when someone uses it awesomely c: I've actually seen that before, I've seen several artist combine soft and cell together, and it looks amazing Q w Q Aha thank you :D Hope I won't disappoint

You did it quite perfectly :)
Mochi-Chan-x Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1) Yes. It is. And I'm glad you're glad. Haha yeah, that's the way it is. I usually notice it when I flip through sketchbooks and such. It's not so much the shape of the's the position of the iris. Changing the shape of the eye won't really help that. What you need to do is think about where the character is looking and why. Also, try to imagine the mood of the piece, if it's sad, the character will usually be looking down or away (or both) Also, the shines in the eye can really make a difference when thinking about where a character is looking.

2) Cell shading looks good in cartoons. Disney is more prone to the softer shading though, which still looks good. Your particular cartoon style i feel could be adapted to both, but I think cell style would work better. Of course this is up to you... Cell shading, in a picture using both, should be used for direct shadow, aka shadows caused by an object blocking the light, such as hair, accessories or arms and such. Haha, I'm sure you wont. I'm sure I'll be able to see the improvements that you're making.

Haha, thanks.
SomaShiokaze Oct 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
1) Oh I see I see! That makes sense. I should practice more on that then. ^^;

2) Aha yeah that is true. I will still practice with cell-shading though :aww: Hadn't done it in such a long while :XD: But I see what you mean by using both.
Aha thank you TT w TT I'm sketching some stuff right now using this new cartoon/DP style. The poses are a bit weird to me...but there will be a lot of practicing for me ^^
Mochi-Chan-x Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1) If it helps, you could look up certain expressions and take note of where the irises are positioned.

2)It's good to get in as much practice as you possibly can ^^ Using both can be tricky, because you have to know where the hard shadow/direct shadow goes and where the diffused/soft shadow goes. Its a pain =_=
Oh really? I'll be interested in seeing how that goes when it's all done.
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